Dyen Sabai Restaurant and Bar is located in Luang Prabang, Laos. For those wishing to escape the busy atmosphere of the main streets, Dyen Sabai is the perfect choice. They offer a secluded and peaceful setting, complete with bamboo huts, beautiful gardens, and excellent food. With books, games, acoustic guitars and Free WiFi.

OUR PRODUCTS Logo // Stickers // Flyers // Photography

dyen sabai restaurant logotype - modlao graphic design

>> LOGO - the logo used as an emblem is the clump of bamboo in the center of the restaurant.

dyen sabai restaurant stickers

>> STICKERS - Both long and round stickers used as advertising in tuk-tuks.

dyen sabai restaurant flyer - modlao graphic design

>> FLYERS - 4 different layouts. Photos by Modlao.