Puang Champa Cultural House has as its mission the teaching and transmission of the Lao heritage as well as providing local artists with a sustainable living from the practice of traditional Lao arts such as dance and music, singing, embroidery, ceremonial flower arrangement, literature and musical instrument making. Preservation of artefacts, contemporary or antique, typical of the Lao heritage, especially items related to the traditional performing arts, complements the transmission work.

OUR PRODUCTS Logo // Website // Brochure // Phototgraphy // Live sound recording

Puang champa - Logo - modlao graphic design

>> LOGO - Design inspired by the coat of arms of the founder of the school.

Puang champa - Website - modlao graphic design

>> WEBSITE - Graphic design & Programation.

Visit the Puang Champa website

Puang Champa - Brochure - modlao graphic design

>> BROCHURE - 18 pages, Photography, Sound recording, Size 170x200 mm.

Puang Champa - Photos - modlao graphic design Puang Champa - Photos - modlao graphic design

>> PHOTOGRAPHY - PHOTOS SHOOTING of Music, Dance & Cooking course.

Puang Champa - Live sound record - modlao graphic design

>> LIVE SOUND RECORD - Record of the Puang Champa Musicians and students.