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Located in Luang Prabang, Shompoo cruise is a travel agency specializing in Mekong cruises. The company owns three luxury traditional slow-boats full of charm. The team at Shompoo Cruise has the experience to give guests an unforgettable two-day boat trip for reasonable fares.

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Shompoo Cruise travel agency - Logo - modlao graphic design

>> LOGO  - Inspired by Lao longboats and landscapes of the Mekong.

Shompoo Cruise travel agency - Business card - modlao graphic design

>> BUSINESS CARD  - Size 50x90 mm, Map on the back.

Shompoo Cruise travel agency - Leaflet - modlao graphic design

>> LEAFLET  - Size 210x200 mm folded in 2.

Shompoo Cruise travel agency - Website - modlao graphic design

>> WEBSITE  - Graphic design & Programation.

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