The Sofimek company managing the Pakbeng Lodge and Mekong Elephant Camp in Pakbeng together with Sanctuary Hotel and Mekong Riverside Hotel in Luang Prabang.

OUR PRODUCTS Business card // Event communication // Photo album

Sofimek travel agency - Business card - modlao graphic design

>> BUSINESS CARD  - Lao/French front & back, Size 50x90 mm.

Sofimek travel agency - Event communication - modlao graphic design

>> EVENT COMMUNICATION  - Inauguration of Mekong Elephant Camp & Pakbeng Lodge birthday, Invitations Lao/French & Informations folder.

Sofimek travel agency - Photo album - modlao graphic design

>> PHOTO ALBUM  - Memory of Pakbeng Lodge Inauguration, Size 180x140 mm, 48 pages.